Call your friends and call your neighbours,

something's gonna go down tonight.

I'm not asking for a favor,

get your head out of the sand and get ready to fight.


And I wonder, do you ever think about it.

And I wonder, do you see it in perspective.

And I wonder, is there anybody like me.

And I wonder, is it just a figure of speech.


Your eyes don't see clearly, you've been in the dark for so long.

Your mind's growing weary, don't wait any longer now it's time to be strong.

So I sing.



Rise, rise again

Oh I sing,

Rise, rise, rise again


You need to know the truth now,

about time you take a look for yourself.

It's all up to the youth now,

don't wanna be another book on the shelf.


And you wonder, is there anything I can do.

And you wonder, am I just a hypocrite too.

And you wonder, why am I feeling so strange.

And you wonder, am I the one that's making a change.


Your hands are so dirty, but somehow your conscience is clean.

Slowly but surely, there is a spec of light to be seen.





I know it makes you wonder.

I know it brings you down.

Sometimes it seems hard, don't let 'm steal your thunder.

Stand up again, and rise, rise, RISE!